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Scientists agree that Acrylamide has the potential to cause cancer in humans. Acrylamide is a chemical substance formed by a reaction between amino acids and sugars. It typically occurs when foods with high starch content such as potatoes, root vegetables and bread, are cooked at high temperatures (over 120°C) in a process of frying, roasting or baking. The formation of Acrylamides have nothing to do with the composition of frying oils.


Chemistry of Oils and Fats

A useful breakdown of exactly what oils and fats are, what they're made up of, the differences between them, and their uses.


Smoke without fire

Fat fires are a lot less common nowadays than they used to be, but unfortunately they do still happen. This PDF provides practical information on preventing fryer and fat fires.


Frying oils and nutrition

Information on the nutritional value of different oils - liquid, solid and semi-liquid - when used in frying.


Frying Guidelines

Useful information on frying your food using oils and fats; including which frying method to use, recommended frying temperatures, a basic chemistry of oils and fats, and fire hazards.


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