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NEODA’s Guarantee of Confidence Scheme

NEODA’s central principle is adherence to the "Guarantee of Confidence" scheme. The scheme ensures that all packs of edible oil and fat sold and distributed by members, adhere to a strict set of requirements concerning product contents, labelling and pack sizes. Only products that meet the stringent set of criteria can carry a ‘Guarantee of Confidence’ logo. This label assures the quality of products, so consumers can purchase them with complete confidence.

As part of the scheme the association carries out an Oil Monitoring Programme; independently analysing packs of oils and fats from members and non-members to ensure customers and consumers are not misled as to the nature, quality or quantity of oils being sold in the market. Misleading or illegal products that show signs of adulteration, display false claims or are underweight are brought to the attention of both the manufacturer and the Trading Standards Authorities so further action can be taken.

All processor members of NEODA are BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited to Grade A standard, or recognised equivalent, in order to use the NEODA logo ono their products.  Non-processor members are encouraged to work towards achieving a recognised quality standard such as ISO, EFSIS or BRC.

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