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Bottling and Labelling of Oil

Transportation: Once fully refined, the oil is distributed to the larger manufacturers in bulk tankers or to a refilling plant where it is filled into smaller containers (cartons, tins,bottles) for supply to the foodservice and retail sectors.

Legislative controls: The general provisions of the Food Safety Act 1990 (as amended) provide a general control on the quality and purity of edible oils. In addition there are a number of other regulations which control specific areas including labelling. 

It is a legal requirement that labelling must be easy to understand, clearly legible and indelible. It must appear on the packaging itself or on a label securely attached to it and must be clearly visible. Legislation forbids misleading claims as to the nature, substance or quality of the food.

All edible oils and fats shall be marked or labelled with the following:-

  • Name of the food
  • Net contents by weight or volume
  • List of ingredients (where required)
  • Best Before date
  • Name and address of party responsible
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