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Become a Member

Membership is available to any individual or company established in the UK and engaged in the manufacture, processing, packing and/or distribution of edible oils and fats or associated with the oils and fats trade and who feel they would benefit from having a closer liaison with other members of the trade and being part of an Association interested in raising standards.

There are many benefits to becoming a member:

  • Positive promotion of the benefits and safeguards for NEODA’s customers with the use of the Guarantee of Confidence logo. Protection of the logo for use only by NEODA members with its registration as a Collective Mark
  • Working closely with the authorities to further our aims and objectives in developing standards within the industry and protection for the consumer
  • Assisting Trading Standards Authorities in protecting the trade against misleading or illegal packs by fully implementing the Oil Monitoring Programme
  • Positive action against unfair competition from non-members violating our standards by close liaison with the appropriate authorities
  • An audit programme to check that members are fully complying with NEODA’s Guarantee of Confidence scheme and the Association’s Codes of Practices
  • The NEODA website as well as access to Industry Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes, allowing easy reference to important and specific documentation
  • Highly experienced Secretariat fully dedicated to oils and fats
  • Close liaison with sister organisations thus ensuring a thorough knowledge of the industry and thereby speedy solution to issues affecting the trade
  • Educational seminars, at a nominal cost, on issues directly pertinent to our trade
  • Educational workshops on specific subjects such as packaging
  • Free access to advice and assistance on all matters relating to the oils and fats industry
  • Free distribution of circulars giving full explanation and guidance on all legal requirements
  • A website offering the general public information about NEODA’s activities as well as a secure section for members
  • Full and active social programme

All members must comply with the Rules of the Association and be signatories to the NEODA Guarantee of Confidence Scheme.

Got a question or want more information? Contact us.

To become a member download our membership application form and send to: PO Box 1184, Bromley, Kent BR1 9XW or email to


National Fish and Chip Day

Fish and Chip lovers across the UK are coming together on Friday 2 June to once again celebrate the nation’s favourite dish and NEODA are proud to be organising this special day again. Following the phenomenal success of the event last year, National Fish & Chip Day 2017 will see people throughout the country celebrating their love of the this iconic meal from fish & chip shops, pub chains, restaurants, retailers, to the fishermen and farmers who provide the sustainable and natural ingredients used to create it. We want to help Fish & Chip shops across the UK benefit from this awareness day and can offer advice on decorating your shops, running special promotions and competitions and generally creating a huge buzz about fish and chips. We are preparing an information pack with guidance on how to get the most from social media and your local and regional press with logos, images and press release templates available for you to use. All this helps to raise awareness, which in turn drives footfall to your shops. In 2016 #nationalfishandchipday began trending on Twitter and Facebook at 9.30 in the morning and the broadcast and print media coverage achieved helped make the footfall experienced by fish & chip shops one of the highest of the year, with some saying it was even busier than Good Friday. More than 28 million people saw, heard or read about National Fish & Chip Day! 2017 looks set to exceed these results and we want to give you support and insight to turn this into a very special Fryday!

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