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Bacpop Code of Practice

These criteria are to be followed by Members of BACPOP when advertising/labelling oils as “Cold pressed”

1) No form of heat to be used at any stage of the Cold Pressing process other than as a priming aid, which should be discontinued once the presses are running normally.

2) Oils may only be Cold Pressed and must not have involved any chemical modification.

3) Members must meet, and be aware of, all EU legislative requirements..

4) No GM raw materials to be used.

5) All by-products, if intended to be used as animal feed, must be registered with a relevant regulartory body.

6) All Members must comply with the requirements of their Local Authorities with regard to Environmental Health, and Trading standard issues and HACCP.

7) All Members should have suitable and relevant Certificates of Analysis available for their products including Nutritional/Fatty Acid Profile, Microbiological analysis, Pesticides and Heavy Metal contents. Frequency of testing is at the discretion of the Member

8) Members should be able to provide full traceability on the product from raw material through to packed product.

9) Should any Member find themselves in any breach of this Code of Practice due to intervention by a Statutory Body, they must notify the Secretary of BACPOP within 14 days.

10) Should any Member be asked to leave BACPOP due to breach(es) of this Code they must remove all logos and references to BACPOP from their labels, literature/publicity and website immediately.

11) Should any Member leave BACPOP of their own accord the must remove all reference to BACPOP from their labels, literature/publicity and website within 3 calendar months.

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