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The British Association of Cold Pressed Oil Producers (BACPOP), a sub-sector of NEODA, represents British farmers producing cold pressed oils, protecting and promoting the quality of home-grown premium product.

Cold pressed oils include rapeseed; hemp; flax; strawberry seed; borage and others which go into everything from mayonnaise to face creams.

BACPOP aims to develop standards and protocols for cold pressed seed for use in food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, to share technical information amongst the membership and to educate the consumer about the product. It's members represent about 80% of the total cold pressed oil market. The market is growing by 25% year on year, with a value of over £5m.

Cold pressing is a traditional and natural way to produce oil. Seed oils are extracted without the use of chemicals or solvents at temperatures below 40°C which ensures that the full essence and character of the oil is preserved. This careful process means all the natural goodness within the seeds is preserved. Processing at low temperatures helps to produce low peroxide values (PV) and providing the oil is stored correctly will achieve an extremely good shelf life, ideally suited for the nutritional market. Once the oil has settled, it is filtered to guarantee its purity, and then bottled. It is as simple as that – no heating, no refining – just pure, healthy oil.

The whole process is natural which means that slight variations in character and appearance in the oil can be seen from season to season. However, through careful selection of the finest seeds, and utmost care taken during the oil’s production, our members aim to produce the best quality oils possible.

Taste & Use

Cold pressed oils are extremely versatile in the kitchen with each oil having it's own distinctive taste and characteristics. This makes them ideal for everything from salad dressings and marinades to dips and drizzling. Some oils have high smoke points making them perfect for baking, roasting, stir frying and deep and shallow frying.

Exceptional Health Benefits - Vitamin E and Omega 3 & 6

Nearly all cold pressed oils are a natural source of Vitamin E, an important antioxidant, beneficial to general wellbeing.

Most oils also contain the Essential Fatty Acids commonly known as Omega 3 and 6.

These products, which are just cold pressed and filtered, result in oils that are naturally free from trans fats and low in saturated fat, totally in line with Government advice to reduce both saturates and trans fats from the diet.

Cold Pressed Oils & the Environment

Environmental responsibility is fundamental to our members, and with several members being growers themselves, the way they produce their crops is at the heart of how the final oil is produced. Practicing different farming systems suitable to their own individual surroundings, from integrated and conventional farming of the highest standards, to sustainability for wildlife and the wider environment is always paramount.

Our members recycle on-farm waste and conserve energy where possible.

They continually assess the environmental impact of their farming and pressing practices, and are constantly seeking ways to improve them further.

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